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Help us deliver a future of water security to Rural Australians

Our Pledge

Water Security for the Future

While drought has lifted across much of Australia, many regions still suffer from ‘green drought’ – where grass is visible but there’s no growth underneath – and water-shortages are still an issue, and the effects of past drought still ongoing.

Today, we’re focused on supporting our farming and rural communities, and encouraging Aussies to prioritise water security to help safeguard our Australian farmers against future drought.

To provide farmers with resources to help give them water security into the future, Finish in partnership with Rural Aid has been delivering water tanks to Australian Farmers in need, to help ensure that any rain that falls now will be captured for future use to help our farmers become more drought resilient.

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Australia Water Facts

As earth's driest inhabited continent, with one of the most variable rainfalls in the world, Australia needs to be mindful of its water supply. However, Australia is the world's third largest consumer of fresh water, using an average of 100,000 liters per person per year.

At every level, from federal government through to individual households, more effective water management is crucial if Australia is to avoid increased water stress on its cities, towns, and many isolated rural communities.

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6 Ways to Save Water

Knowing where we waste water can inspire us to take positive action. There are many things that each and every one of us can do to reduce our water consumption and the actions we take as individuals can make a big difference. Collectively we need to reduce our water consumption to reduce the threat of severe water stress.

This content was created by and appears on as part of the ‘Where Our Water Goes’ Brand Partnership with Finish.

6 Ways to Save Water1. Dual flush saves 80% per flush2. Modern shower head saves 50% per minute3. Front loading washing machines saves 70% per load4. Dishwasher saves 90% per load5. Low flow taps saves 50% per minute6. Drip irrigation saves 99% per hour

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